Capella Singapore and How It Delights Families with Kids and Pets

Capella Singapore wins the heart of families and pet lovers, thanks to the pet-friendly services. It means the hotel has the best services. Not only for business travelers and families but also guests’ furry friends.

How Capella Singapore Pamper Pets

Guests can pamper their cats or dogs during their vacation here that they won’t get on any cheap hotels in Singapore. Chances are, natives want to have their staycation at the best hotel with no worries about leaving their pets home.  Though some hotels offer pets service, not all of them provide the best one like this resort does.

The arriving guests and their pets will get their separate welcome drink as this is very much pleasing for anyone. Dogs have their areas in the garden where they can play with new friends there.  

Customized Rooms for Guests and Pets

It is even more amazing that guests can enter the customized room where there are some toys for pets! What’s more, the hotel also provides some treats and cakes, as well as a framed photo of the pet. For sure, the pets have a customized bowl with the name. This service is very outstanding because there are rare, or even no other, hotels that will deliver such service.  

However, all rooms have earth tones that deliver such soothing ambiance. The urban accent adds charm to each room and suite. Some rooms offer constellation rooms with very ample patios, where guests and their pets have their lounge chairs. There are also Jacuzzis with sea views.

For the more exclusive option, the Colonial Manor is the real deal. It has three bedrooms and a very huge living room, as well as a kitchen and personal chef. All guests of this mansion get many privileges such as Rolls-Royce’s arriving and departing service and also swish transfers. Other exclusive services here include breakfast for six persons, laundry service, groceries, foods and drinks credit, a personal spa treatment at Auriga Spa in 60 minutes, and daily luxurious chauffeur-driven car in four hours.

However, all guests rooms, as well as suites, are perfect for strolling, particularly for kids and pets. This is why Capella Singapore has been the main favorite resort for families. The garden is very huge with such a setting that allows kids and pets to have fun. There are also different kinds of pools for them to play in.

For parents, they shouldn’t worry because having a rejuvenating time is as easy as staying in the hotel. There is no need to go anywhere to enjoy the wonderful treatment from the Auriga Spa within the hotel. Many guests or clients have reviewed that this is one of the best spas in Singapore so far.

What’s next? There are endless activities for guests who plan to have staycation moments here. Among the most favorite activities include cooking classes, artwork classes, as well as Capella Curates.

Capella Singapore truly can bring great enjoyment to every guest. With perfect price, location and facilities, it should be on your next staycation destination hotel.


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